Design Consultancy

Design consultancy can vary from color studies, over buying advise to a complete interior design. 


Clients come with a question regarding furniture or interior design. After a meeting where we review what is desired I work out a proposal. I always use 3D CAD designs to visualize our input for maximum readability and discuss the result on a subsequent meeting. 

How far this proces goes is up to the client, we can start with an overall design sketch and after the initial proposal meeting we decide what the next steps can be. A fulfillment of the assignment ends the proces, when an alternative or detailed design is asked I work on. This stepwise stage-gate proces can lead up to technical drawings of every interior piece, if so desired. 

If necessary I work with external expertise, ranging from collaborating architects over expert craftsmen to structural or electrical engineers. Follow-up of the execution of a project is also offered if necessary. 

Pricing is fixed per hour, with detailed billing. When after a proposal meeting the original query is deemed fulfilled, either by the client or the designer, the collaboration ends (without small print or shenanigans).