Surf Table Leilana

When you have a surfboard, a lot of the time it lies around unused. Or, if you’re a frequent surfer, you might have a couple of surfboards, some maybe worn out. Most people keep their board in a shed, of put it somewhere out of sight, but I think that’s a waste. 

A surfboard is a piece of art and a testimony to your hobby. Instead of hiding it away, a prominent place in your interior is well deserved. 


A memento of a great journey. 



As a side table, the webbing underneath provides a space for magazines (probably about surfing) and the tilted legs make it rancorously stable. Suction cups keep the board and the frame together and make sure no accidents happen. Taking the board off to go surfing is quite self-explanatory: grab and pull.


The last picture is a Leilana, spotted in the wild. Because the owners weren't surfers, we decided to place a glass top on it. The frame is identical, the suctions cups work magic on the glass and the (non-surfer) magazines are more visually accessible. 


Undercarriage: 349,- EURO

Glass top: 199,- EURO

Surfboard: 499,- EURO