Mourning center

A bit more progressive than the usual black-and-white-solutions, we chose an autumn colored theme. In the front there is an office next to the corridor to the mourning center, with a interrupted visual barrier. Next to the office lies the coffin showroom, with again an interrupted visual barrier, which ensures privacy to customers and mourners. The big window to the street is quite low, this allows for enough display of products and light in the room, without exposing the mourners to the view of the street. 


 Between the waiting area and the greeting area, there is a calming garden. Cleverly positioned windows assure the privacy of mourners, while still allowing in enough daylight. 


The second floor houses a printing press and offices, but a large hole in the floor assures the contact between the downstairs office and the upstairs working area. 


The third floor is the apartment with probably the quietest downstairs neighbors. The color scheme is continued and used to separate the open kitchen from the large living area. A huge terrace continues this open feeling outside.